Cervical Screening

Three Campaigns to Look after your Health

September and October are all about keeping New Zealanders healthy!

Three national campaigns are currently running, encouraging Kiwis to think about their health and to take action: Cervical Screening Awareness Month, Blue September (the Prostate Cancer Foundation) and Stoptober.

September is Cervical Screening Awareness Month, and all sexually active women between 20 and 70 are encouraged to make sure they’re up to date with their cervical smear. BTCMP_Cervical ScreeningHaving a smear test doesn’t take long and is a simple procedure that is proven to save lives. Cervical cancer is one of the most preventable of all cancers, and screening women every three years can reduce the risk of developing it by up to 90 percent. The cervical smear test saves lives because it’s all about early detection – the sooner any abnormal cells are picked up, the sooner a woman can be treated. For more information click here.

BTCMP_Prostate CancerBlue September is the Prostate Cancer Foundation’s national awareness campaign. Every year around 600 men die in New Zealand of prostate cancer.  This happens because men don’t know how dangerous the disease is, they don’t talk to their doctor about it – they simply don’t do anything about it. This has to stop. Prostate cancer can be prevented if detected early enough. For more information click here.

Stoptober is New Zealand’s first nationwide quit smoking month – a 31 day quit smoking challenge designed to help thousands of kiwis kick the smoking habit for good. You’re five times more likely to stay quit if you manage to stop smoking for an entire month, and you’re more likely to succeed with support. Sign up on the Stoptober website before October 1st for free support tools like daily texts, emails, and a free mobile app, to help you or your loved one quit the smoking habit. There will be fun events around the country all through September to encourage people to sign up, plus social media, radio, and television (you may have seen or heard the ads starring Piri Weepu already). Kia Kaha – Be Strong. Start your Stoptober Challenge now! For more information click here.

BTCMP_Quit Smoking Help

Quitline has launched a new TV ad campaign showing how children copy their parents and can become smokers at a young age. While the ads feature kids engaging in play-acting and other everyday activities, the focus of the campaign is on the power of the parents’ actions. The message is to quit before your kids start – because kids are seven times more likely to smoke if their parents do. For more information click here.