Complaints Policy

Botany Town Centre Medical Practice (BTCMP) Complaints Policy

In Summary:
BTCMP will acknowledged promptly any complaint received, investigate impartially the grievance and inform the complainant of the findings and action taken. Where appropriate the complainant will be informed of the Health and Disability Commissioner.
Terms & Process:
Complaints Officer – Annelize Vosloo (Practice Manager) & Dr Pieter Vosloo

What is a Complaint?
• A consumer complaint is any expression of dissatisfaction received from a patient, visitor, family member, or a member of the community regarding an event that has occurred, a system or process within Practice name or a staff member
• Complaints may be either: Written – letter, email or fax, Verbal – telephone or face-to-face and by completing and submitting our on line form Here
• It is the responsibility of staff to ensure consumers are aware of how to make a written complaint.
• It is the responsibility of staff to ensure consumers are aware of these services.
Verbal complaints
• Verbal complaints are to be documented, either by the complainant or by the person receiving the complaint, and to be managed in the same manner as a written complaint.
• An effort must be made to resolve the complaint immediately where possible. Often the staff member on the spot can handle verbal complaints.
Written complaints
• Written complaints or those written on consumer feedback forms are to be attached to the ‘Complaints Investigation Form’ for action. This is to be done by the end of the day on which the complaint is made.
• A consumer may instead, or in addition, involve the Health Advocates Trust, and/or lay a complaint with the Health and Disability Commissioner and/or the Privacy Commissioner

BTCMP Complaint Management Guidelines:
The following process will be followed in the investigation of a complaint received against a Doctor or any Employee of BTCMP.

1. Reception of a complaint
a. All written complaints are to be forwarded to the Practice Manager.
b. The practice manager will acknowledge each complaint in writing within 5 working days.
c. Each complaint will be recorded in a ‘Complaints Register’.
d. Each complaint will be dealt with fairly.
e. The BTCMP Principal Doctor will be informed of every complaint.
f. The complainant where appropriate will be informed of the Health and Disability Commissioner.

2. Verbal complaint
The person will be asked to:
a. Discuss the issue directly with the Doctor or Senior Staff Member ; OR
b. Place in writing the complaint which may be on the complaints form.

3. Complaint investigation
a. The Practice Manager will investigate the complaint thoroughly in a caring concerned manner.
b. The Practice Manager will advise staff named or associated with the complaint prior to the investigation process commencing.
c. The Practice Manager where, appropriate may discuss the incident immediately with the person(s) involved in the complaint or asks them to respond in writing on the events that occurred.
d. The Practice Manager will discuss the findings and recommendations with the Practice Principal.
e. The Practice Manager in consultation with the Practice Principal will inform the complainant of the Medical Centre’s action within 10 working days of the complaint’s reception. If the investigation interval exceeds two weeks the complainant will be notified that additional time is required and kept apprised every 10 days on the investigation progress.
f. The complainant will be updated on the progress of their complaint at intervals of not more than one month.
g. Staff involved in the incident may be asked to assist in the complaints resolution.

4. Investigation Records & Privacy
a. The complaint and information relating to the complaint will be kept confidential in a secure place.
b. Each complaint will be recorded in a confidential ‘Complaints Register’.
c. The Complaints Register will consist of a duplicate file listed alphabetically under the complainant’s name and BTCMPs personnel.
d. If the complaint is received from someone other than the patient and is relation to their care, signed consent from the patient or their guardian must be obtained, before information on the investigation is released.
e. If the complaint comes from a third party and the patient has died, the trustees and executors of the estate are to be asked for consent before the complaint is investigated.
f. Evidence of the authenticity of the trustees or executors consent is a copy of the Grant of Probate of the will of the deceased patient.

5. Indemnity Insurance.
a. The Practice Manger will ensure that accident employee’s insurance and nurse’s indemnity cover exists and that each Doctor at the BTCMP has current medical defence insurance and medical registration.

6. The Complaints Procedure will be displayed on the BTCMPs waiting room notice board and website.

Botany Town Centre Medical Practice endeavours to provide quality medical care. However we realise that there may be times when you are dissatisfied with the service received. If this occurs and you feel your grievance should be heard you may address your complaint in writing to the:

Practice Manager
Botany Town Centre Medical Practice
PO Box 64060
Botany Downs, Auckland
and marked

In your letter to the Practice Manager please include the following details:
• Time and date of incident(s).
• Medical Centre personnel involved.
• Brief description of the incident(s) that occurred.

Your letter of complaint will be received in confidence and investigated. Your letter will be acknowledged in writing and you will be informed on the action taken following the investigation.

Health and Disability Commissioner
If you feel that your complaint constitutes serious medical misconduct you may contact the:
Health and Disability Commissioner
P O Box 1799