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December 2020 Newsletter

This month’s topics in focus…

Chronic tummy pain in children

Having a child with a constantly sore tummy can be worrying. It can be reassuring to know that most of the time this is due to increased sensitivity to the movement of food through the digestive tract, rather than an underlying condition. Read more about chronic abdominal pain in children.

Understanding polycystic ovary syndrome

Polycystic ovary syndrome (PCOS) is a hormonal condition that affects how your ovaries work. Living with PCOS can be challenging. However, there are things you can do to reduce the symptoms and the long-term effects on your health. Learn more about PCOS.

What causes breast pain?

Breast pain is common and can be cyclical (come every month with your menstrual cycle) or non-cyclical. It is not usually a sign of breast cancer if it’s your only symptom. Learn more about breast pain.

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Top tips for wellbeing

How to help a hoarder

Whether its piles of old newspapers, clothes, paperwork or sentimental items, hoarding can seriously affect a person’s daily life. Here are some things you can do to help if someone you care about is hoarding.

Talking to teens about smoking, drugs and alcohol

How do you talk to your teenager about such an important topic without them zoning out and not listening? We’ve got a few top tips to help you get started.

Understanding medicines and tests

Making sense of medicine labels

All medicines have directions on them so you know how to take them. Understanding these is part of using medicines correctly and safely. Read more about making sense of medicine labels

Understanding cholesterol test results
Cholesterol testing (or lipid testing) checks your levels of good and bad cholesterol to see if you need lifestyle changes or medicine to keep you healthy. Learn more about cholesterol test results.

There’s an app for that

EmolliZoo eczema app

EmolliZoo is an app designed to help kids learn about the importance of applying emollients, as well as providing a useful distraction from their itchy skin. The app has a separate ‘parent’ section. Learn more about eczema apps.

Video of the month

Pause, Breathe, Smile

Pause, Breathe, Smile is a New Zealand-developed, evidence-based mindfulness in schools programme. In this video, you can hear what these children have learned about mindfulness and how it improves their daily life.

Recipe of the month

Kūmara chips with guacamole

Swap takeaway hot chips for this tasty homemade version using kūmara. This recipe is available in English and te reo Māori from

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