Enrolment is easy, free and benefits you and your family.

We are accepting new patients – OUR BOOKS ARE OPEN

We recommend that you enrol with a medical centre before you need to see the doctor or nurse. If you are moving or just wanting to change your GP, you can download our enrolment form and start registering.

If you are a visitor or just want to be a casual patient, you are welcome to download our casual registration form. Please call reception to make an appointment.

Note that higher fees apply for visitors and casual patients.

Botany Town Centre Medical Practice

Benefits of Enrolling

Registering enables you to apply for enrolment with us as part of our PHO, ProCare Health Ltd, and enjoy subsidised fees due to additional funding received from the Ministry of Health.

Benefits include:
• Reduced consultation fees for registered enrolled patients from the time that the Ministry of Health Enrolment and funding is approved. Note that the first consultation might be at the casual rate as this process can take up to 2 months.
• Receive expert medical care and advice from our friendly team of doctors and nurses
• Building long term relationships with the team who get to know you and your medical needs
• Reminders and recalls for important health management.
• Access to our online patient portal to book appointments, order repeat prescriptions and view lab results online 24/7

Note that these benefits are subject to change without notice.

How to Enrol

Simply Complete the Online Enrolment Form.

You can now complete the enrolment form online, or you can print the form and return to us by email at admin@bmp.nz or deliver to reception in person. Please include with your enrolment form a photo copy of your passport with any relevant visas to verify eligibility or your NZ birth certificate, or where a passport is not available, please provide a photo ID, we are required by the Ministry of Health to have this on file, including New Zealand Citizens.

If you do not want to enrol and register at the practice, but want to see a doctor, please complete the I Wish to Register Only Form online and provide a copy of your passport with any relevant visas.

Enrolment guide for patients
Guide to eligibility for publicly funded health services
Privacy Act 1993
Health Information Privacy
Enrolment Form

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